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Protect Against the Unpredictable

A Disaster Doesn’t Have to be the End

The time to ask “Are we protected?” isn’t after an emergency

Backup and Disaster Recovery is a necessity for organizations of all sizes because a disaster can come in any form, at any time and in a variety of forms. What’s important is to be prepared—taking measures to protect and preserve vital data so your organization can get back to business as soon as possible. A reliable, well-planned backup and recovery solution is essential in minimizing downtime after a disaster and preventing data loss in the event of a catastrophic systems failure.

Preparation is the Key

Our goal is getting you back to
business quickly

As organizations become more reliant on proprietary or sensitive data, backup and recovery is a major concern. Our scalable cloud backup and recovery solutions simplify and automate the process of backing up and archiving data—no matter the file type—so your clients can enjoy peace of mind. All information is stored in our secure, redundant data center infrastructure via a single TCP port protected by SSL encryption. Backups are monitored to ensure all data is available if/when a restoration is necessary, and recovery can be done quickly and easily at the file, volume, application or machine level via a secured self-service portal.

Prepare Yourself

for Any Eventuality with Xterra


According to FEMA, 40% of all businesses close their doors permanently after a disaster. Your business can fail without a reliable continuity solution. Xterra establishes critical parameters to keep your business moving forward in any scenario.


As an increasing amount of data is migrated online, cybercriminals are concentrating their efforts on businesses they believe are unprotected. Xterra data backup and recovery solutions plan can limit the impact of an attack and prevent your company from losing valuable data.


Downtime has severe consequences for organizations that have to adhere to industry regulations and legal requirements like HIPAA, SOX and GLBA. We free you from the responsibility of compliance violations and legal issues—allowing you to focus on your customers and generating revenue.


Xterra monitors your systems around the clock, optimizing performance and security so you can provide an outstanding level of customer service.

“We walk you through what it takes to keep your operations and business online in case of a disaster.”
– David Park, CEO & Principal Systems Architect,
Xterra Solutions


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