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Virtually every solution involves multiple technologies—and multiple vendors. Keeping track of specifications, licenses, warranties and support contacts can be a challenge—and determining who to call for assistance or advice can be frustrating. Vendor management by Xterra eliminates those burdens. We manage your vendors and act as your single point of contact for all your technical needs.

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Xterra partners with some of the most prominent names in technology to provide you with the hardware, software and cloud services you need at the best possible value. Then, we ensure regular maintenance is done in accordance with licenses or warranties, and streamline Tier 1 and Tier 2 tech support requests to ensure they get resolved quickly.

Let Xterra be Your One Source

for License Management & Issue Resolution


Translating technical jargon and specs can seriously slow down any attempt to get tech support from one of your vendors. Xterra service technicians will communicate directly with the vendor’s service and support team to get issues resolved faster.


Xterra helps you get all your IT assets under your control including, ensuring your licenses are up to date and compliant. This extends to taking inventory of all your hardware, and ensuring warranties are accounted for.


Not sure you’re getting the best ROI on your IT budget? We ensure you’re always getting the best value with vendors who maintain high-quality standards for security, performance and reliability.


Xterra uncovers the best equipment and applications for your needs and budget. We then look far beyond the current or even the next project to create a long-term strategic roadmap for lifecycle management and innovation.


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