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You need greater scalability and agility—as well as cost controls—to meet your goals and grow profitability. Virtualization—technology delivered via the Internet—is an ideal way to expand your IT assets, improve agility, boost productivity and cut costs. When organizations like yours virtualize, the result is improved hardware performance, decreased operational costs and increased server availability. Plus, it eliminates costly “server sprawl,” lowers energy bills and facilitates easier disaster recovery.

Better Business Through Technology

Virtualize your IT infrastructure for enhanced performance and cost savings

Virtualization enables you to harness the power of data resource explosion so you can cost-effectively keep up with the competition. Xterra automates IT processes and creates an adaptable environment for computing, storage and networking resources. Our technicians focus on the day-to-day management of data and network virtualization, and we employ advanced monitoring and management tools to ensure your IT assets deliver the performance your users demand. Combined with our cloud solutions, we can also reduce the number of physical servers you need to house, power and maintain on-site.

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with Virtualization Solutions by Xterra


Virtualization facilitates new application installation and service. We just configure a new virtual machine, router, switch or storage drive using virtualization management to reduce setup times significantly.


Reducing the number of physical servers decreases maintenance time which frees up time for more important tasks like marketing and customer relations.


One of the primary advantages of virtualization is the segregation of servers which operate as though on separate hardware. This results in less downtime during maintenance periods—which can now occur during business hours without operational disruptions.


Server consolidation reduces cooling and power costs up to 80 percent—you can power down servers without affecting applications or other users.


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