A Home Networking and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Security Checklist to protect yourself from malware, data loss, and theft.

We believe it’s pretty simple; knowledge is power. We’re providing this checklist to strengthen your ability to ensure your work-from-home employees – their home networks and their devices, are not a threat to the resiliency of your network and critical data. The reality is that the insecure home networks and/or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) dynamic coupled with a work-from-home scenario escalates this security agenda risk to a top priority.

This invaluable checklist covers these critical agendas:

  • Securing Information
  • Securing Wired, Wireless, and External Home Networks
  • Securing BYOD Computers; Software updates, User Accounts, and more
  • Preventing Attacks
  • Securing BYOD Mobile Devices

Get smart, get empowered, get going. So let’s leverage this most challenging chapter in our story to do whatever it takes to transform our organizations into inspiring examples of resiliency that can weather this crisis and future unknowns. If you have a more urgent issue, you can always call us at 415-844-9730. Stay safe, determined, and resilient.


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